Senators' Statements - Yadu Health

24 August 2021

Today I call on the government and particularly the Health Minister, Greg Hunt, and the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, to immediately step up and fund Yadu Health Aboriginal Corporation in Ceduna. Yadu Health is a First Nations led Aboriginal community health clinic providing health services to residents in Ceduna and also the surrounding areas of Koonibba and Scotdesco. It is in an absolutely catastrophic state of affairs, with mould, asbestos and water damage. The roof is literally caving in on this important service. Their own CEO described the situation like being hit with a triple-whammy of mould, asbestos and now COVID. A quarter of the building has been condemned because of the levels of mould and asbestos present. It is absolutely unacceptable.

Yadu has been trying for years to get funding to rebuild this clinic. Their hardworking staff and volunteers have persevered despite these conditions, but they are fed up and I don't blame them. The time has long past. We need to fix Yadu. We need to rebuild Yadu. If the government is serious about closing the gap then here is a way they can help to do that in Ceduna. In the Prime Minister's recent Closing the Gap statement, he announced $254 million for health infrastructure for this very purpose. So the money is there. It's time to use it. Use it to rebuild Yadu. Every single Australian deserves a high-quality standard of health care. They don't have it in Yadu and they need it. The only way they'll get it is if you rebuild this clinic. Step up, fund Yadu and show Ceduna and the rest of this area that you care.