2 Minute Statement – Yadu Health

29 November 2021

In Australia, there is a significant divide between our regions and our cities when it comes to the quality and quantity of health and hospital services. This inequity exists when it comes to maternal health, mental health, trauma care and specialist services. It exists for allied health services, GP access and after-hours care and support services. This is grossly unfair, and it is especially unfair on those who are vulnerable and those who live in our remotest areas. It's unfair for women and it's unfair for First Nations Australians.

When we know that Australians in our region are living with such inequity in the quality of health services, it is absolutely galling to find a situation like we currently have in Ceduna with Yadu Health. As I've raised in this place previously, this Aboriginal community health clinic, which serves First Nations South Australians not only in Ceduna but in the surrounding areas, is in a catastrophic state of disrepair. Both levels of government know about this, and it has not been fixed. There's black mould. There's asbestos contamination. There's water damage, which led to sections of the roof caving in on this vital service. These issues, when combined, have led to a catastrophic situation and are amplified by the inequities which already exist when it comes to the quality and quantity of health services for Australians in our regions, particularly First Nations Australians.

In the Closing the Gap statement, the Prime Minister announced $254 million worth of capital works to fund precisely these sorts of projects. I am again calling on the Prime Minister and on the Minister for Health and Aged Care to fix Yadu, to fix this vital health service.